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Our Services

Helmed by a resilient team of visionary leaders and dedicated employees, and armed over 18 years of experience and industry know how, we are known to create lasting value for our customers and business partners by delivering superior quality products and excellent services across diverse industries

Commercial & Project Tiles

F&B businesses, chain outlets, commercial premises are welcomed.

Custom Tile Cutting

We do custom tile cutting on demand based design requirements.

Modular Tiles

We create a visual pattern on the floor of your home in any room.


With our transportation partners, we are able to delivery our tiles to all around Malaysia include Sabah and Sarawak.


Glazed Wall Tiles – available in various designs and subsizes, suitable for interior use and not expected to withstand excessive impact.

Glazed Floor Tiles – available in various designs and subsizes, able to withstand higher impact, constant use, pressure and wear.

Porcelain & Glazed Porcelain Tiles – strong and durable floor tiles, suitable for both interior and exterior use. Available in polished, glazed and matt finishes.

Decorative Porcelain Tiles – also known as Multi-Effect Granite Tiles. Patterns and textures are like natural stone. Harder and more stain-resistant. Available as both floor and wall tiles, for both indoor and outdoor use.

Decorative Accessory Tiles – available as listello, cove tiles, London & pencil and other trim pieces. Designs are constantly updated so you can personalize your home décor with these accessory tiles.

Look for different tiles with common design to use together. Match the size, shape and finishing and look for different surface textures with the same colour.

You should study and determine the environment of the are in which the tiles and to be used and understand the technical characteristics of the tiles required. (You can contact us and we will consult you)

  • Gently sweep away sand or debris on tiled surfaces as it can scratch the glaze on tiles
  • Mop regularly with clean water for daily maintenance, or use diluted, generic floor cleaning liquids for routine cleaning.

Although most tiles are stain resistant, you should wipe away any spills on tiled surfaces, immediately, with a soft cloth or mop and clean water.

Do not drag heavy objects such as crates across surfaces which are laid with tiles not specified for heavy duty use.

Use floor protectors to prevent furniture legs from scratching the floor tiles.

Subsize – Ceramic tiles are fired at a very high temperature causing some shrinkage. Therefore, the dimensions of the tiles may vary according to the type of tiles and production batch.

Shade/Tonality – Due to the natural raw materials and the firing process, you must expect tiles to have a slight variation in shade, both within a batch and between batches.

Slip Resistance – Different types of tiles have different levels of slip resistance. Choose higher slip resistance for less slippery tiles.

Surface Abrasion Resistance – This shows the resistance of the glaze to wear caused by friction or scratching of rough surfaces against the tiles.
Porcelain tiles are more resistant to surface abrasion and more durable.

Water Absorption – Tiles with low water absorption usually have higher mechanical strength.

Mechanical Strength -Indicates the compactness of the tile and the maximum stress it can with stand without breaking.

Stain & Chemical Resistance – Glazed ceramic tiles resist stains because of their glazed surface and therefore, are hygienic and easily cleaned.

Avoid using highly abrasive materials such as scouring pads on glazed tiles as it might scratch and wear out the tiles.